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Who We Are
Our Mission

The goal of the My Gym Challenged America Foundation is to transform our culture by providing programs and services that enhance the quality of life and improve the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children who are "at risk" and those who are physically or developmentally challenged.

Our mission is to help these children acquire the confidence, self-esteem, and sense of well-being they need to lead healthy, productive, and rewarding lives. This, in turn, helps to break the cycles of violence, intolerance, and poverty. Additionally, our programs involving children with disabilities promote understanding, cooperation, and compassion. We are committed to nurturing children, treating them with dignity and positive reinforcement, maintaining a loving and supportive atmosphere, and helping youngsters develop a sense of accomplishment. All of our programs are formulated to bring children a feeling of success.

Our Vision

A humane and compassionate society wherein childhood is a magical experience for each and every child for generations to come

Making a Positive Difference

Randy Bertisch, President of The My Gym Challenged America Foundation, created Challenged America for the purpose of helping physically and cognitively challenged children attain an improved quality of life.

Randy has a personal understanding of the daily struggles faced by those with disabilities. Now, many years after surviving a near fatal accident and resultant coma, he strives each day to triumph over many deficits and is determined to regain his ability to walk independently. Randy is extremely thankful to have had the funds available for proper medical treatment and is well aware that many others are not as fortunate. He is living proof of what willpower and hard work in combination with appropriate medical attention can accomplish and wishes the same level of success for every child in need.

How tragic, though often the case, that a physically challenged child's well-being or chance of reaching his/her full potential should be jeopardized by adverse economic circumstances. It is in response to this distressing reality that Challenged America has been established. We are a registered nonprofit 501 ( c ) 3 organization, with funds raised through grants, corporate sponsorships, private donations, and special events.

The Challenged America Website is a medium through which disadvantaged, physically or developmentally challenged children (or their parents) submit requests for medical attention, rehabilitative therapy, and/or assistive devices they would otherwise be unable to obtain. The benefits to the children go far beyond the physical. Assistance from Challenged America can improve their quality of life, help them gain confidence and self-esteem, and ease their reentry into the community. The encouragement and support from Randy and his organization can result in their becoming inspired to conquer adversity and lead productive and rewarding lives.

Challenged America is Randy Bertisch's way of turning his own personal tragedy into a positive force. He loves children and is committed to making a positive difference in their lives through his philanthropic efforts.

Gift appropriations from the My Gym Challenged America Foundation are determined by its Board of Directors and based on greatest need, whom we can best assist, funds available, and long-term impact on the child's quality of life.

All requests to Challenged America will be acknowledged via e-mail or regular post. The Board meets periodically to make the difficult decision as to how many candidates we can help. Those selected will be notified.

"Our future lies in the hands of the children. They are the most precious part of our lives and our greatest resource on this planet." My Gym

Randy Bertisch has combined efforts with My Gym Children's Fitness Centers to positively impact the lives of children. This is a very unique partnership between a man who has overcome enormous challenges following his surviving a catastrophic accident and an established corporation that, through its innovative programs, has been promoting the growth and development of youngsters for almost 30 years.

These two have joined forces to provide experiences through My Gyms everywhere that improve the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of "at-risk" and challenged children throughout the country. Our mission is to set the foundation for children in need to become healthy, self-confident, contributing members of society.

My Gym combines innovative, physical early learning/pre-gymnastics classes with state-of-the-art facilities to empower children 6 weeks – 13 years of age by helping them acquire the skills, confidence, and positive self-image needed to become healthy young adults. Children develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally in over 200 My Gyms worldwide.

My Gym's award-winning classes enhance children's strength, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, and social skills through games, music, exercise, sports, special rides, gymnastics, and fun! The My Gym Challenged America Foundation brings our programs to the children and families who need them most.

The population of children served by The My Gym Challenged America Foundation experience feelings of depression, uncertainty, and fear on a regular basis. Because of their adverse life circumstances, they often miss out on the magic of childhood, itself. Without intervention, many of these children will grow up to become unfulfilled, emotionally unstable, unhealthy adults. Not only is this a heartbreaking situation for each child; it has a negative impact on society as a whole. Having a positive self-image would open a whole new world of possibilities for each of these children, and that is exactly what our concept offers. Based on My Gym's philosophy, our programs provide for youngsters' physical, cognitive, and social growth. Above all, however, every aspect of the My Gym Program is formulated toward the principal objective of raising each child's self-esteem.

Our mission is to help break the cycles of intolerance, violence, and poverty through Outreach Programs, Challenged America's Website, and Nonprofit My Gym facilities. We strive to touch as many lives as possible and feel we're helping to build a better tomorrow…one child at a time.

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